Welcome to Support Your Local Band Florida!!  Helping local musicians to promote their gigs and build a fanbase through a unique EVENT CALENDAR!!

MUSICIANS  — Every musician and band can post their gigs or special music events for FREE if it is a confirmed scheduled gig that is open to the general public.  Musicians can have their own FAN PAGES with their own Event Calendar!

FANS — This is also for the fans and local public!!  Now you can keep track of your favorite bands or fun hot spots that bring amazing music to your neighborhood.

VENUES & PROMOTERS — And YES, this service is also available for all music venues and promoters.  If you’re a bar/restaurant or a major promoter, feel free to post your events.  You can also have your own MUSIC SCENE PAGE so your regular patrons can see your upcoming music events!

MORE!  This is available online or mobile device.  No app to download.  Search by Band Name, Musician, City, Venue, or even Genre!!


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN UPGRADING TO A PERSONALIZED FAN PAGE that promotes your very own Event Calendar, go to the FAQ PAGE for more details!!